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Recently, I had the pleasure of correspondence from a reader who had a question of great importance (its brevity notwithstanding) and intelligence (a reflection of the erudite readership which this publication is most fortunate to have). An edited version of the question and my response is below.

Quæritur    I have seen the neutral citation UKAITUR used on BAILII. The UKAIT plainly stands for ‘United Kingdom Asylum & Immigration Tribunal’. The U presumably stands for ‘Upper’. What, however, does the R stand for?

Respondetur   The composition of the neutral citation is misleading and rather unfortunate. Both the U and the R are capitalised, implying they are equal participants in the initialism. However, it is rather an elision along the lines of ‘Mr’ or ‘Ct’, whereby the first and last letter of the shortened word are used. ‘Ur’ is short for ‘Upper’. Thus, the neutral citation is best written (even if the mixed case is somewhat unsightly) as UKAITUr, with a lowercase ‘r’.

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